STOOR Open Lab - Masterclass by Speedy J

Starting May 2019, STOOR will open its doors for upcoming producers and electronic music lovers through a Masterclass program. Since its launch in 2018, STOOR has gained attraction among producers and musicians as a facility to sketch new ideas, finish work in progress, or to use the vast collection of gear to design and record new sounds. Some of the highlights have been documented on vinyl to become part of the STOOR archive. Other work has taken place in full anonymity, but ended up incorporated in numerous projects. Join the Masterclass and learn.

Maximum Amount of Participants:


10 am - 10 pm

STOOR Lab Rotterdam

STOOR Lab Introduction Tour
AMA Session
Production Tips and Tricks
Hands on Experience with Sexy Gear
Synth Voodoo Theory
Sonic Sweet Spot Exploration
A1 prbrsl_b01.wav
Avoiding Sound Design Vortex
Expensive Outboard
Jam Session Euphoria
Mixdown Trade-off Struggles
Monetising All of the Above
Pizza & Beer

Any other subjects to discuss, or things to try out, may be proposed by the guests, and voted for during the Masterclass. Bring the USB stick you receive upon buying a ticket to the Masterclass to copy everything that’s captured during the day. All recordings will be open-source to all participants.

Lunch / Dinner / Drinks / RAWWAV1 Sound Library 16gb usb3 drive

Travel / Accommodation

Suggestions for accommodation are available upon request.

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